Charity partnerships

To focus and unite our efforts as a global business, the Foundation has adopted two key strategic themes:

Emerging Markets

The Foundation seeks to develop partnerships with charities tackling the educational needs of disadvantaged young people in emerging market countries.

The Foundation will invest in a different emerging market each year typically over a three year period and partner with charities that deliver real change on the ground through long-term investments. As part of the partnerships, a group of Aberdeen employees are able to volunteer at each of the projects.

Our partners include:

Afrikids is a child rights organisation working in northern Ghana to alleviate child suffering and poverty. The Aberdeen funded projects include night classes for street children, scholarships, a young entrepreneurs’ project and school enhancement programmes to drive up attainment and employability across the region.

ChildHope was established in 1989 and grew out of the recognition of the huge and growing but neglected problem of children living and working on the streets of Africa, Asia and South America. Aberdeen’s support will focus on the regions immediately surrounding Lima, Peru where despite rapid economic development within the city, around a third of children live on less than $2 a day. Many of these children are subject to violence in schools, where despite national policy, they are often chastised by teachers using sticks, belts or ropes. The project aims to create safer school environments in eight schools. A group of 14 colleagues from our offices globally visitied the project in Peru.

The Karen Hilltribes Trust is a charity dedicated to helping the marginalised Karen people of Northern Thailand to build a sustainable future for themselves. The charity has three key aims: increase access to education, improve health and secure better livelihoods. Aberdeen’s support will fund two new school dormitories, school meals and a new school bus.

Build On is a US-based charity which for 20 years has helped rural communities in some of the poorest countries build 780 schools. Employees have helped to build schools in Nepal, Malawi and Nicaragua to remember two colleagues lost in a tragic accident, Andrew McMenigall and Toby Wallace, and to build a lasting legacy in their memory.

Previous partners have included ABC Trust (now Childreach International) and See Beyond Borders

Local Communities

As a business we value the communities in which we operate and invest, recognising the benefits we gain from them as well as the potential impact we can have. The Foundation therefore allocates a proportion of its funding to the local communities in with Aberdeen employees live and work.

Through regional charity committees, employees are empowered to develop their local approach to charitable giving, supporting causes that are relevant to their community and the local team. Click here to find out more on employee engagement.