Aberdeen’s vision is to be recognised as a premier alternatives investment provider. Operating globally with offices in Europe,the USA, Asia, and Australia, Aberdeen’s Alternatives offering provides clients with specialist access to a range of alternative and pan-alternative investment solutions. Aberdeen believes that investing in alternatives can offer a range of benefits to investors, including greater confidence in being able to generate long-term growth, enhanced returns and reduced volatility. Solutions include Multi-Manager exposures in Private Markets, Property, and Hedge Funds, along with direct investments, predominately in Infrastructure.

Across the range of solutions provided for clients – and the breadth of underlying investments made – Aberdeen believes that it is important to integrate an analysis of the risks (and potential opportunities) arising from Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (‘ESG’) issues. A key part of Aberdeen’s philosophy is to focus on capturing long-term sustainable returns from high quality investments. These issues therefore form a natural component of proprietary fundamental research. As a long-term investor, Aberdeen also believes that it is important to be a constructive investor and owner of assets on an on-going basis.


Our infrastructure team aligns with our focus on investing for the long term. Our investment policy is focused on greenfield social infrastructure, for example, schools, hospitals, water treatment facilities and transport rather than wider economic infrastructure.

Before any new investment, we perform a thorough due diligence exercise which includes the consideration of the environmental and social impacts the project could have, including any mitigating factors.

Private equity

A key part of Aberdeen’s private equity philosophy is to focus on capturing long term sustainable returns from high quality investments. To ensure adherence to this, our private equity investment research and due diligence process incorporates analysis of ESG factors.

In addition, we promote the assessment of ESG factors in our investments through active engagement with all the General Partners in which we invest. In Q4 2014, we issued our first ESG questionnaire to our GPs which demonstrated how strongly it has become ingrained in our GPs culture and policy documentation.