Hallmarks of Aberdeen

What makes us different

Our culture: In an often complex industry, we have built a business based on simplicity, clarity and straight talking. First-hand research: In our experience, the greatest information advantage comes from being close to the territories in which we invest.

Breadth of expertise: We are a full-service global asset manager, ready to harness all asset classes to create effective solutions for our clients.

Focus on value: We look to deliver demonstrable value – aiming for a specific return, to outperform an index or to achieve returns at lower risk.

Long-term view: While always retaining flexibility to be tactical, we take a long-term view of companies, markets, and economic trends.

Investment approach

Disciplined processes for repeatable results

Aberdeen is primarily an active asset manager, with the flexibility to use passive strategies where they provide efficiency to our clients.

‘Passive’ funds are used to deliver low-cost market exposure, in combination with active asset allocation, in some multi-asset strategies. Enhanced beta strategies are managed to deliver market-plus returns as part of our quantitative investment offering.

Across all asset classes, we seek to use our information advantage to increase potential return, reduce risk – or both. Every asset class – and every strategy within it – has a clear and disciplined investment process developed over multiple market cycles. Although every process varies, common features include:

First-hand research: Original insight by on-the-ground teams is fundamental to our active approach. In active equities, we always meet a company before we invest – and continue to meet it while we hold its shares.

Risk focus: Our goal is always to deliver return at an acceptable level of risk. Diversification, risk analysis at each stage, plus robust knowledge of every holding, help us smooth volatility and minimise potential loss.

Team-based investing: We believe talented, diverse and close-knit teams deliver consistently better results than individuals. Every stage of our investment processes relies on collegiate thinking.

Long-term view: While retaining the flexibility for tactical investing, we realise returns for our clients primarily by taking long-term, high-conviction positions in quality investments.